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Racoon/Opposum Removal

Raccoons and Opossums find their way into attics, chimneys, crawl spaces,under homes, and buildings. Often times coming from the storm sewers to den for the winter. Females find comfortable places to have their litter. They can be very creative and destructive when getting in.Let Gulf Coast Pest Control help to remove them humanely by trapping, excluding, and relocating your varmints today! 

The Hazards of Raccoon/Opposum Infestations

In extreme cases, Raccoons rip shingles or fascia boards off of homes and structures to get inside. They will try to get in through a chimney or attic. These animals are primarily known for carrying rabies, so it's recommend never approaching or try to handle the situation yourself.


Not only do these varmints carry rabies; they also carry other parasites such as ticks, mites, and  fleas. Gulf Coast Pest Control has trained technicians that are equipped with the correct protective gear needed to capture, humanely remove, and relocate your Raccoon or Opossum!

You can rest easy knowing that we will safely remove Raccoons/Opossums from your property using effective, time efficient techniques. 

Our Raccoon Exclusion & Trapping Techniques

Our technicians will inspect your property, put together a comprehensive list of any weak spots or openings where it is the most vulnerable for a Raccoon/Opossum to enter your property.

Next, we trap and remove all of your Raccoons/Opossums throughout your property. We make sure to give your property a thorough follow through to make sure no varmints left inside your property.

The final step of our process is sealing any entry points where Raccoons/Opossums may have used to get in. This includes repairing, use of special covering material, and general sealing so your property is air tight against any intruder!