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​​Termites thrive here in Texas due to our warm climate. These wood-eating bugs live in colonies and become more active as the weather warms. Though the damage they cause is slow and gradual at first, Termites cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. Prevention is the best, most affordable option to keep your home safe. Gulf Coast Pest Control offers both liquid and bait termite solutions to prevent and treat termites.

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not recognize they have termites until there is damage already done to the property.

Professional termite control is the best choice to quickly handle this situation. Make sure to avoid combining personal treatments with professional treatments, as this can have a negative effect on treatments overall. 


Our Termite Control Program begins with a free  detailed general inspection; it is performed to find out whether or not you currently have any wood boring insects at the property. Once this has been completed, a proposal will be drawn up to provide you with termite protection.

Our technician will inform you of the options for termite coverage including a liquid application, such as Premise or Termidor, or the bait alternative. Watch the video above to gives you a better understanding of your available options!

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