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Bee Control and Removal

Bees are one of the most commonly found household pests that nest in gardens and structural voids. Bees come in swarms to make their hives in or around households or structural areas. However small or insignificant they look, the proven truth is that they can cause significant amounts of structural damage, and need to be removed immediately.

Our Bees Go To Vets 4 Hives, A Non Profit Organization!

We teamed up with Vets 4 Hives to provide vets with the opportunity to work with bees and learn the intricacies of being of a beekeeper! As a veteran owned company, we want to give back to our men and women who put on the uniform and have served or continue to serve this great nation. With our bees, we're doing our best to give them a sweeter tomorrow. 




The removal of large, complex bee hives is an elaborate process. Beehive removal involves the use of specialized equipment, protective gear that is made specifically for the job, and an complete understanding of the high pressures involved. For this reason, it is extremely important that bee removal be handled by professionals such as Gulf Coast Pest Control. 

Why You Need A Professional For Large Bee Hives