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Commercial Rodent Control 


 Commercial rodent control is vital for your business. Rodent/rat, mice infestation is one of the most common problems in business and homes in America today. Rats, mice are extremely destructive to homeowners but especially to commercial property. Rats are alarming to your customers and they can cause diseases. not to mention the foul odor from their urine and droppings.


They can also carry with them fleas or many of the other numerous diseases that can be dangerous. For those reasons, you need commercial rodent control on a regular basis. If you or the customers don't notice the rats/mice, you can easily detect them with the noises or traces they leave behind.  


What kind of rodent do I have?


 The most common types of rats found in households around the US, are: Roof Rats otherwise know as black rats they are smaller in size and have tails longer than the body. Roof rats, as the name suggests, can climb up to your roofs and other places like trees, gutters and even at times into weep holes. They will most often build their nests above ground, such as attics and ceilings, atop stored items in the garages. Although roof rats are often found in homes or businesses close to a body of water. They are clever and dangerous and carry bacteria, fleas.

Norway rats otherwise known as brown or sewer rats, Norway rats are heftier and larger in size. They will usually burrow to get to your homes, and you can spot their burrows along with the home's foundation or building, moist areas, like gardens, and other places usually not monitored by the owner of the home, building or business. Norway rats will typically just stay underground. You can do a number of things to avoid breeding these rats in and around your home:

 Getting rid of them



Remove or Keep all food and consumables out of the reach of rodents, especially a pet, livestock food. Keep garbage can lids tightly closed at all times. Never feed them. Be careful not to leave food out or in your desk drawers at night or around your business. Always use strong containers for storing food or other consumables. Rats will chew them.


  Rodent exterminator


Rodent removal services involve locating many places where rats enter, reside and breed. Eradicating them from your homes or businesses is essential. Should you need help with your commercial rodent extermination service. Gulf Coast Pest Control specializes in your Houston commercial rodent control, extermination for homes and businesses. Gulf Coast Pest Control can help you take back your property, from rodent/pest to termite. Call 281-342-7378 today or visit our web site

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