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Commercial Pest Control

Gulf Coast Pest Control can take care of your commercial pest, rodent, termite, control, extermination, service needs. We take great pride in providing fast, reliable, thorough inspections and high-quality services.


Commercial pest control management programs are tailored to your company's needs. We know that in today's world a pest problem could result in a loss of business, damage to your equipment, contamination of products and health-related problems. It takes a local company to solve local pest problems.


One thing to bear in mind. The worse the problem. The longer it will take to get control.


Spray applications, Baiting, lighting programs for pests such as fly's offer:

  • low to No Odor

  • No effect on equipment or food preparation 

  • Reduced Preparation Time

  • Reduced callbacks

  • Ongoing inspection and recommendations

The Gulf Coast Pest Control exterminator complies with all federal, state, and local food regulations. We can provide commercial pest control for office buildings, service, food and beverage processing, food retailing, restaurant, hospitality, apartment, warehouse, and other businesses. Our technicians undergo continuous training in pest identification, biology, and the safe and effective application of pesticides and rodent treatments. We only apply products designed for the safest and most effective control of the targeted pest infestation.


Birds can cause a health problem from their droppings which often contain pathogenic disease-causing organisms, parasites, Histoplasmosis, and other illnesses ranging from mild flu-like symptoms, high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia, blindness, and death. Cryptococcosis in its systemic form can sometimes cause fatal damage to the lungs and nervous system, Pigeon Ornithosis which can lead to damage of the heart and spleen in humans, Toxoplasmosis which can cause serious birth defects when pregnant women come into contact with the disease and parasites causing Lime disease, West Nile and various forms of encephalitis.

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