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 Opossum Control

    Opossum-Raccoon are mammals

 Despite mans continued development and encroachment into the habitat of the raccoon, opossum. It seems they have learned to adapt well with a n and his environment. Raccoons may look cute and harmless, but actually they can be very destructive. Also, hey may be infested with fleas, ticks or some of the many diseases like Baylisascari or roundworm, distemper, or rabies. Opossums are not as destructive however, they carry many of the same insects and diseases. For those reasons, you should have professional raccoon - opossum control.


Opossum-Raccoon breeding habits



Raccoons are nocturnal and when it comes to mating they only pair to mate January - March and do not form any serious long term relationships or bonds. Unless something happens to the litter, Females only give birth once a year. The opossum is slow, clumsy and very low on the intelligence level, they are an ancient mammal. Opossums breeding season usually begins in February. The male attracts the female by making a clicking sound with his mouth. they have litters into the summer.



Keeping them away



A good way to prevent raccoons, opossums would be to Never feed them, remove or Keep all food and consumables out of the reach of raccoons, especially at, livestock food.

Always use strong containers for storing food or other consumables. Keep garbage can lids tightly closed at all times. Raccoons can open trash cans. Keep trees bushes cut back and off of the building

Getting rid of them


Once raccoons or opossums have entered your home or business you need to have a professional perform your raccoon, opossum trapping, removal service. Ideally, before they give birth to their litter. Gulf Coast Pest Control offers live human removal, trapping, control service of raccoons, opossums, that find their way into or under your home. Then all obvious entry points should be sealed off and eliminated from current or future access.




Should you need help with your opossum-raccoon trapping, control, services. Call us at Gulf Coast Pest Control we can help you take back your property. 

Call 281-342-7378 today or visit our web site.

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