Pest Control

We offer quarterly, Bi monthly, monthly, yearly and one time service programs. For residential pest control for bugs such as ants, Flea, Tick, silver fish, non poisonous spiders, and roach, infestations. Some types of pest infestation can not be corrected with a one time service program.

one time service:

One time Pest Control Service
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One time Pest Control Service
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Ideally your service plans like , ant, roach, rodent control should be pro-active in approach to prevent pest/termite intrusion, like reducing the conducive conditions, but our technicians are also very skilled in treating already existing pest infestations. Product selection is made according to pest and label specifications to include baits, dusts and aerosol applications.

Interior treatment can be limited to cracks, crevices and voids only as necessary. Exterior service is tailored to provide front line protection and is primary to a successful control program. Utilizing a keen knowledge of the Houston area's natural insect species and their calendar cycles, ensures the minimum impact or inconvenience to sensitive living or working spaces.Interior, exterior plans always consider the habits of families, especially children and pets. Careful consideration is given to plant and flower gardens.

Service plans are carefully tailored around your specific activities and needs of your home or business. Frequency and time of service are carefully planned to deliver convenience and the best results possible. Gulf Coast Pest Control treatment packages are as flexible as necessary and properly balanced to provide the most cost-effective package.

If you have to clean up food stuffs in your kitchen immediately to avoid pest or insects, that is a sign you have a pest problem. ( Not necessarily caused by the food left out)

Never spray pharaoh ants ( sugar ants) they are highly sensitive to pesticide. They are a wall nesting ant and branch off and create satellite nests on their own. However, pesticides and harsh cleaning products can speed up that process. Their diet consists of sweets and protein.

Our service areas include: Gulf coast, Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, Katy, Bellaire, Missouri City TX.

Should you need help with your any pest control/rodent services. Gulf Coast Pest Control specializes in rodent extermination for homes and businesses. We can help you take back your property from small animals to pest/termite.

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