Bee Control and Removal

Bee Control Gulf Coast

Our emphasis is to save and relocate bees when at all possible

When you have bees bothering you. Let us here at Gulf Coast Pest Control handle your Houston, Texas, bee, control, removal, services today. We can offer expert bee control and bee hive removal service of your bee infestation. Same day service in most cases is available. Our technician will remove all accessible hives and treat previous bee activity locations

Then you simply have your handyman or someone fill the area of the old hive with insulation and then completely seal up the area within 7 days and we will provide a 30 day warranty against re-infestation of the area treated.

Honey Bees, Ants, and Termites will swarm in the spring time as the nights begin to warm up. Ants have wings too.

Bee Swarms

Bee swarms will Attach themselves to tree limbs under eaves of homes or other low areas. If their is no direct potential harm to people or pets you can simply let them alone and let nature take it's course. Usually the queen bee is resting so the other bees will surround her to keep her warm and protect her. When she has rested, in most cases they will simply fly away in a few hours to several days. While resting, forager bees are out scouting for a potential new home. They can find small entry points along the exterior of our homes or business.

Our service areas include: Gulf coast, Sugar Land, Richmond, Houston, Bellaire, Katy & Missouri City TX.

Should you need help with your any pest control/rodent services. Gulf Coast Pest Control specializes in rodent extermination for homes and businesses. We can help you take back your property from small animals to pest/termite.

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